ShopDoc Deals

ShopDoc Deals

The “All-In-One” platform for Amazon sellers

The “All-In-One” platform for Amazon sellers

Receive valuable

your sales

Get an evaluation
of your listings

Receive feedback
for your product photos

Boost your sales & rankings with ShopDoc Deals.
Receive important feedback for your products, that helps your business.


A perfect product listing is essential nowadays and the cornerstone of an enduring top-placement on Amazon.

To optimize your listing, the following questions should be answered:

  • How do your prospective buyers search on Amazon?
  • How on Google?
  • Which keywords are used by your competitors?
  • Which keywords are the ones that generate the most revenue and thus are responsible for bestseller rankings?

ShopDoc Deals helps you to answer all of the above questions and even more.
We optimized over 1000 products in the last 12 months and with our experience you will perfect your product listing on Amazon.

No sales - no reviews
(and vice-versa)

Use the feedback from our experienced product testers to get the best results at a product launch or your listing optimization.

Top 1000/500 and even top 100 Amazon reviewers. We have them all! Helpful feedback from the top reviewers has already helped many products to become a bestseller.

Your sales are going to skyrocket with the help of ShopDoc Deals.


Increase your sales in 3 easy steps


Listing assessment + product photo analysis

Receive valuable feedback & suggestions for improvement regarding your images, title, bullet points, as well as your product description.

Also, discover additonal keywords for your listing by asking our product testers:
“How would you find the product you are looking for?” “What keywords would you search with?”


Make use of the feedback of product testers

Optimize your product listing with the important feedback of product testers. Select the product photos that best suit your target group and also perfect your title, bullet points and description.

Now, after your listing is perfectly optimized, we can carry on with step 3.



Start the deal campaign

Now you can create a deal campaign on our platform and deposit your generated coupon codes.
Our testers then apply for your product and you can decide whether the voucher codes are automatically or manually released. The reliability index of each tester is displayed, so you can assign the codes to the top testers to improve your rankings.
In return for the discounted product, the testers will give a platform-internal feedback and voluntarily also review your product on Amazon.

It is advisable to distribute your sales over an extended period of time and to not give out all coupon codes at once.

Note: You can determine the price of your deal yourself. However, the lower the price, the more product testers apply to your product and your increase in keyword rankings and sales is significantly higher.

Boost traffic and ranking

For a good ranking on Amazon, significant and relevant search terms in the title, bullet points, hidden keywords & co. are very important.

With ShopDoc Deals, our independent product testers will also give you a list of the terms they would have chosen to search for your product.

With this knowledge, you can customize your keywords in the back-end & front-end to increase visibility and your sales on Amazon.

You want to introduce your products to our product testers, increase your sales and rankings and receive valuable feedback?

Our platform will be available in the UK soon.

ShopDoc Deals

The "All-in-One" platform for Amazon sellers

only 99,00€ per month
(plus VAT)
  • Create unlimited deal campaigns and coupon codes
  • Analysis and evaluation of your listings
  • A/B product photo comparison
  • AMZ Performance Tool

Bundle 1

5% discount if you prepay for
3 months

Bundle 2

10% discount if you prepay for
6 months

Bundle 3

15% discount if you prepay for
12 months


The new Amazon guidelines of November 23, 2016 are no longer allowed to sell products in exchange for a review. Product testers are therefore no longer “forced” to submit a review for a discounted product. The reviews on Amazon are done on a voluntary basis.

Products of all possible categories can be offered on our platform.

No, direct contact with the product testers is forbidden as stated in the Amazon ToS.

The testers are obliged to write a platform-internal feedback to the respective dealer after a product test. 

Yes! You can decide for yourself how many codes are given out per day / week. Thus, you make sure that constant sales are generated.

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