ShopDoc Deals

ShopDoc Deals

The #1 platform for Amazon sellers

The #1 platform for Amazon sellers

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ShopDoc is the biggest European platform for Amazon product launches and ranking boosts. We are proud to say that we have helped thousands of Amazon sellers to gain a better ranking and generate more sales! We also have the highest amount of active product testers of all European platforms! 

Take a look at our features below:


Receive valuable Amazon reviews for your products by giving out your products to more than 46.000 registered product testers.


Increase your Amazon ranking and get your products to the top 10 search results.


Increase the sales and the Amazon sales rank for your products in order to maximize your organic sales in the long run.


Improve your sales, reviews and rankings on all european Amazon marketplaces. We have native product testers from DE, UK, ES, FR & IT


Optimize your product listings with the help of our product testers to increase the conversion-rate and reduce the bounce-rate.


Launch new products on,,, and and start with great rankings, reviews and sales.

More than

product testers

Boost your reviews, sales & rankings on Amazon Europe with ShopDoc.


Ranking boost with ShopDoc

Since Germany is the second largest Amazon marketplace worldwide, sellers are interested to sell their products on Amazon DE. In order to maximize the profit, you need a great ranking.

Below you will find some examples of customers that used ShopDoc to increase their Amazon Bestseller Rank (BSR) enormously. Both of these customers are selling products in highly competitive categories.

This is the launch of a new product using ShopDoc. 

In about 4 weeks this Amazon seller was able to climb from a BSR of ~14.000 to a BSR of ~150.

(Category: Kitchen Equipment)

This ShopDoc customer did an amazing climb. He went from an Amazon Bestseller Rank of ~310.000 up to a rank of ~400 in almost no time. He used our platform to give out a huge amount of 100% discount codes for his product and increased his Sales Rank with the help of our product testers.

(Category: Outdoor)

This Amazon seller went from BSR of  ~2000 up to ~400 in less than a month using ShopDoc.

(Category: Dietary Supplements)

With the help of ShopDoc this Amazon seller was able to increase his BSR from ~1400 up to ~480 in less than a week.

(Category: Electronic Equipment)

Use the coupon Code “ShpDc75” to get 75% off of your first month!

What does ShopDoc offer?

  • 46.000+ product testers in Germany, United Kindom, Spain, France & Italy
  • Receive valuable Amazon reviews to increase conversion and organic sales
  • Become a bestseller - increase the Amazon ranking of your products
  • Boost your sales and sales rank on Amazon
  • Increase your keyword ranking - with individual Super URLs
  • Optimize your Amazon product listings with the feedback of product testers
  • Launch new products on Amazon DE, IT, UK, FR & ES and start with perfect rankings

Coupon Campaigns

Coupon Campaigns

Give our your products discounted to our product testers and receive an Amazon review in return!

Listing Campaigns

Listing Campaigns

Product testers will evaluate your listing from a customer's point of view and will give you feedback and improvement suggestions + new keywords.

A/B Image Comparison

A/B Image Comparison

Product testers vote for the images that they prefer. You will receive feedback right form your target audience which will improve the conversion of your listings.

Market Research

Market Research

Do you want to know, which products are going to be sold well in the European market? Use targeted questions and ask the product testers from Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and France which colors, sizes etc. they would buy.

Our Chinese Support Team

Use the coupon Code “ShpDc75” to get 75% off of your first month!

  • Our Prices

  • Receive Amazon reviews by giving out coupon codes for your products.Amount of product campaigns
  • DE, UK, ES, FR, ITAll european Amazon marketplaces
  • Coupon codes can be given out automatically to our most reliable product testers.Automatic acception of coupon applicants
  • Product testers evaluate your listings from a customer's point of view and give you feedback and improvement advice.Listing campaigns
  • Identify which product images convert the best and which ones should be replaced.A/B testing
  • Research your target audience by using targeted questions.Market research
  • Boost your keyword ranking on Amazon with the use of Super URLsSuper URLs
  • Use Custom URLs to boost your keyword ranking - similar to Super URLsCustom URLs
  • We will assist you with any problems regarding Amazon or our platform.Email support + live-chat
  • Standard

  • 99,00


  • unlimited
  • 8 / month
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
    (50 votes inclusive)
  • Professional

  • 249,00


  • unlimited
  • 25 / month
  • unlimited
  • unlimited
    (250 votes inclusive)

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Questions? Contact us!

Live Chat: On the bottom right of the screen.

You can start unlimited product campaigns!

No! You can give out as many coupons as you like to our product testers.

Products of all possible categories can be offered on our platform.

Yes! You can decide for yourself how many codes are given out per day / week. Thus, you make sure that constant sales are generated.

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